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Optenet WebFilter Endpoint™ is an easy-to-install program that helps families to avoid both intentional and accidental access to inappropriate content on the Internet. It enables configuration of Internet access timetables and maximum access time, as well as limiting file downloads, and enables control of protocols (P2P), etc. With this filter, the need to monitor your children’s browsing is radically decreased.

Optenet NetSecure Endpoint™ combines parental control, firewall, anti-phishing and antivirus functionalities, and protects against every type of Internet threat, guaranteeing secure and effective browsing, with a particular emphasis on making the Internet safe for children.


Web Security Web 2.0 ready. Based on Multi-Lingual Semantic Analyzer MIDAS™ (Multi-content Inspection & Dynamic Analysis System) and the Threat Analysis System GIANT™ (Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats), Optenet's Web filtering solution identifies, classifies and blocks access to all inappropiate Web sites with total accuracy.
Malware Protection Optenet incorporates the Bitdefender antivirus detection system, guaranteeing detection of malicious HTML code. Bitdefender technology provides superior detection of viruses, trojans and worms, as well as spyware, adware, rootkits, and all types of malware.
Anti-Phishing Optenet Anti-phishing protects users from Internet fraud. It also provides complete protection of personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, telephone numbers, addresses and other personal key information.
Firewall Optenet Firewall controls the execution of applications that connect to the Internet and prevents unauthorized access to the user's PC by, for instance, hackers.

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