Optenet HostSecure™

Web Content Analysis Solution for Web Hosting Providers

Web Service Providers Optenet HostSecure: Features & Applications

Optenet HostSecure™ is a service aimed at hosting providers that identifies and categorizes any text, code or images hosted on their servers that is deemed illegal, inappropriate or harmful to minors.


Using multiple combined techniques for dynamic content analysis and categorization in conjunction with databases of millions of URLs and images, HostSecure™ provides a detection system that ensures Web providers can regularly monitor the content of the Web sites hosted on itís servers, so that the legal or authorized content of each Web site can be appropriately managed.

Optenet HostSecure Interface


With over a decade of security expertise, Optenet leads the industry with the most advanced technology for dynamic content protection based on Optenetís Multi-content Inspection and Dynamic Analysis System (Optenet MIDAS™) and Optenetís Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats (Optenet GIANT™) providing the highest rate of accuracy with unparalleled protection against Web 2.0 threats.

Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats - Optenet GIANT

Optenet GIANT™ is constantly receiving input from Internet sources around the world, and pushing these updates to every Optenet solution instance, ensuring new threats are properly blocked soon after they appear.

Dynamic Content Analysis for Web 2.0 Protection - Optenet MIDAS

Optenet MIDAS™ allows totally accuracy in the identification of inappropriate, illegal and harmful content.

An integrated Deep Packet Inspection engine, Optenet CCOTTA™, analyzes in real-time and redirects them to the appropriate filtering services. No external DPI hardware is required.