Optenet NetSecure Endpoint™

SoHo Telecom Operators Optenet NetSecure Endpoint: Features & Applications

Optenet NetSecure Endpoint combines parental control, firewall, anti-phishing and antivirus functionalities, and protects against every type of Internet threat, guaranteeing secure and effective browsing, with a particular emphasis on making the Internet safe for children.


Web Security Web 2.0 ready. Based on Multi-Lingual Semantic Analyzer MIDAS™ (Multi-content Inspection & Dynamic Analysis System) and the Threat Analysis System GIANT™ (Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats), Optenet's Web filtering and anti-malware solution identifies, classifies and blocks access to all inappropiate Web sites with total accuracy.
Malware Protection Web Security is complemented with the most advanced Anti-Virus engine from Bitdefender, for premium protection from viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, bots and more.
Anti-Phishing Optenet Anti-phishing protects users from Internet fraud. It also provides complete protection of personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, telephone numbers, addresses and other personal key information. Protection is enforced by blocking sensitive information from being entered by mistake on phishing websites as well as reaching the Internet.
Firewall Optenet Firewall controls the execution of applications that connect to the Internet and prevents unauthorized access to the user's PC by, for instance, hackers.
Protection of Minors With over a decade of experience in the protection of minors, Optenet has received top ratings in benchmark studies such as "Safer Internet Plus Programme - Annual Benchmark Study for the European Commission", conducted by Deloitte. Optenet works with many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governmental organizations to implement countermeasures against the constant flow of online threats and to create a secure environment for minors. Our R&D department is always innovating and developing new technologies that safeguard all end-users against cyber-criminals and protect minors from adult content and cyber-bullying.
Online Unblocking Service Minimal overblocking and false positive rates. Resolves any over-filtering error within 15 minutes.


With over a decade of security expertise, Optenet leads the industry with the most advanced technology for dynamic content protection based on Optenetís Multi-content Inspection and Dynamic Analysis System (Optenet MIDAS™) and Optenetís Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats (Optenet GIANT™) providing the highest rate of accuracy with unparalleled protection against Web 2.0 threats.

Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats - Optenet GIANT

Optenet GIANT™ is constantly receiving input from Internet sources around the world, and pushing these updates to every Optenet solution instance, ensuring new threats are properly blocked soon after they appear.

Dynamic Content Analysis for Web 2.0 Protection - Optenet MIDAS

Optenet MIDAS™ allows totally accuracy in the identification of inappropriate, illegal and harmful content.

An integrated Deep Packet Inspection engine, Optenet CCOTTA™, analyzes in real-time and redirects them to the appropriate filtering services. No external DPI hardware is required.