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    Optenet Multitenant Internet Security Services for Mobile Operators

Multitenant Internet Security Solutions for Mobile Operators

Main Features of Optenet Multitenant Internet Security Solutions for Mobile Operators

Internet Security against Mobile Threats for Mobile Operator Users

The advance on the adoption of wireless broadband amongst mobile operators is driving the need for protecting mobile phone users against an increasing number of different threats. Optenet has the most complete, integrated security solution suite available, developed specifically to meet mobile operator needs, such as high availability, performance, distributed operations with central management or centralized real-time reporting and statistics. From the protection of minors or law compliance to spam, MMS attacks and virus protection, Optenet solutions for mobile operators enables a trouble-free broadband experience for their customers.


Optenet Multitenant Architecture for Mobile Operators


Protection of Minors
With over a decade of experience in the protection of minors, Optenet has received top ratings in benchmark studies such as “Safer Internet Plus Programme - Annual Benchmark Study for the European Commission”, conducted by Deloitte. Optenet works with many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governmental organizations to implement countermeasures against the constant flow of online threats and to create a secure environment for minors. Our R&D department is always innovating and developing new technologies that safeguard all end-users against cyber-criminals and protect minors from adult content and cyber-bullying.

Optenet Child Protection & Internet Security Partners

Law Compliance
Optenet enables Mobile Operators to effectively filter all Web/WAP content classified as illegal by government authorities, ensuring they do not inadvertently transfer content prohibited by law. The solution stands out for its simplicity, highly effective filtering system and flexibility when it comes to deploying it in the operator’s network infrastructure and leverages proven methods of deployment to ensure minimal impact or intrusion into the operator transit network. Optenet provides services that help Mobile Operators to meet legal and regulatory requirements, in order to prevent end-users from accessing dangerous or inappropriate information available on the Internet. Optenet is involved in many governmental programs worldwide to assure the safety and welfare of minors.


Optenet security solutions are designed for Mobile Providers offering the most complete range of security services to their subscribers. Its unique modular architecture allows complex and high performance and scalable deployments for Mobile Phone operators, enabling them to secure terminals from the very backbone, independently of the device.

Optenet Mobile Security Services

Optenet Multitenant Internet Security Solutions for Mobile Operators


With over a decade of security expertise, Optenet leads the industry with the most advanced technology for dynamic content protection based on Optenetís Multi-content Inspection and Dynamic Analysis System (Optenet MIDAS™) and Optenetís Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats (Optenet GIANT™) providing the highest rate of accuracy with unparalleled protection against Web 2.0 threats.

Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats - Optenet GIANT

Optenet GIANT™ is constantly receiving input from Internet sources around the world, and pushing these updates to every Optenet solution instance, ensuring new threats are properly blocked soon after they appear.

Dynamic Content Analysis for Web 2.0 Protection - Optenet MIDAS

Optenet MIDAS™ allows totally accuracy in the identification of inappropriate, illegal and harmful content.

An integrated Deep Packet Inspection engine, Optenet CCOTTA™, analyzes in real-time and redirects them to the appropriate filtering services. No external DPI hardware is required.