Multitenant Internet Security Solutions for Telco

Main Features of Optenet Cloud Multitenant Internet Security Solutions for Telco

Adding Value and Driving Revenue for Telecom Operators

Optenet’s technology enables Telecom Operators to raise their competitive advantage, expand their portfolio of telecommunications services and generate additional revenue by offering flexible, scalable and reliable security services to their customers.

With Optenet, Service Providers can supply all customers – from enterprises to individuals – with a full suite of high-performance security services designed to protect operations, and end user desktops, mobile devices and more.


Optenet Cloud Multitenant Architecture for Telco


Optenet Solutions provides the following key benefits to Telecom Operators:

  • Provides fully “in-the-cloud” multi-tenant security services with policy granularity down to the individual end-user. No other vendor can provide this across all security functions.
  • The ease-of-use of “in-the-cloud” services has a higher adoption rate among subscribers, since no software needs to be installed on individual client PCs and all types of devices are supported.
  • “In-the-cloud” security eliminates the need to provide, install and support security software on millions of subscriber PCs.
  • Software licensing by registered user count eliminates the overhead of managing multiple licenses for each hardware system deployed.
  • Implementation with the scalability, and reliability needed to meet stringent SLAs (Service Level Agreements of 99.999%).
  • Scalable to millions of network-wide subscribers.
  • Very high performance and low latency through Optenet integrated DPI CCOTTA™.
  • Automatically updates security content to all users across the network.
  • Allows compliance with government security mandates while drastically reducing the overhead costs of the implementation.
  • Increases customer loyalty and retention by providing additional value-add services.


In order to provide security services in a way that is both profitable and scalable, the provisioning architecture must be based on software with multi-tenant capabilities. A single instance of a multi-tenant software can provide service to many more clients than any other technology such as virtualization. Optenet is the only vendor in the market that can provide such competitive advantage to Service Providers thanks to its unique multi-tenant architecture. High performance technology for millions of clients.

Optenet Cloud Multitenant Internet Security Solutions for Telco


With over a decade of security expertise, Optenet leads the industry with the most advanced technology for dynamic content protection based on Optenet’s Multi-content Inspection and Dynamic Analysis System (Optenet MIDAS™) and Optenet’s Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats (Optenet GIANT™) providing the highest rate of accuracy with unparalleled protection against Web 2.0 threats.

Global Intelligence Acquisition Network for Threats - Optenet GIANT

Optenet GIANT™ is constantly receiving input from Internet sources around the world, and pushing these updates to every Optenet solution instance, ensuring new threats are properly blocked soon after they appear.

Dynamic Content Analysis for Web 2.0 Protection - Optenet MIDAS

Optenet MIDAS™ allows totally accuracy in the identification of inappropriate, illegal and harmful content.

An integrated Deep Packet Inspection engine, Optenet CCOTTA™, analyzes in real-time and redirects them to the appropriate filtering services. No external DPI hardware is required.