Optenet WOLF™ (Illegal Content Filtering)

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Internet and mobile operators are becoming increasingly responsible for the provision of security within the services they provide to the end user. The pressure on the service provider, from government and regulatory bodies to take responsibility for blocking illegal content is immediate.

Optenet WOLF™ detects, intercepts and filters effectively all Web/WAP content classified as illegal by local authorities, ensuring they do not inadvertently transfer content prohibited by law to the end user, thus ensuring compliance with the specific regulations of the country. Additionally, WOLF simultaneously integrates and manages multiple lists of illegal content validated and supplied by the various governments of the countries where the operators have a presence.

Optenet WOLF™ offers a simple, highly effective filtering system which is easily deployed into the network infrastructure, at minimum additional expense. Optenet also offers extensive software-as-a-service security solutions which are easy to install, manage and maintain, operators can scale services to meet their customers’ growing demands, by adopting these solutions as and when required.


  • Legal Authorities provide one or more lists of URLs with illegal content that must be blocked
  • The lists are downloaded at given intervals, and imported into a local user category
  • External Blacklists locally encrypted to prevent unauthorized access - Administration user cannot see URLs in the external list
  • One solution can apply one or more blacklists to all client subscribers, or differentiate them by using Target Groups (allowing one installation to give service to more than one country)
  • Architecture: Transparent and Router-BGP mode


Router-BGP Mode
Optenet WOLF Architecture (Router-BGP Mode)

Each filter cell operates independently. High Availability is achieved by Load Balancing the traffiic on each filter cell (done by BGP routing logic)

* All internet traffic (to Optenet, External Sources and DNS Resolution) is centralized from the Central Manager modules and distributed using internal management traffic to the filter cells.

Advantages in Router-BGP Mode

  • URL filtering Solution: No overblocking, only URLs in the lists are blocked
  • Two stage filtering: Minimal infrastructure requirements
  • High availability achieved without additional hardware
  • Fault tolerance: Even complete system failure will not disrupt client network in any way